Tendonitis Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Tendonitis is a painful condition that often goes undiagnosed. At Bakke Chiropractic Clinic serving Tacoma WA, we love taking the opportunity to educate our clients on these and other topics. Keep reading to learn about tendonitis and how chiropractic care can help you.


What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a condition that manifests when a tendon is overused or injured. Tendons connect bones to muscles. When they become strained, they can cause pain which is hard to pinpoint. Many individuals are not sure if they have a bone injury or a muscle injury because the pain can be localized in such a way as to make it hard to pinpoint. This is especially true since the soft tissue around the tendon will often become inflamed as well.  

Tendonitis can be called by many different names. It is sometimes referred to as Runner’s Knee, Tennis Elbow, and Pitcher’s Shoulder. From these titles, it is easy to understand that tendonitis is often associated with sports. It is important to note, however, that tendonitis is not just a sports injury. Tendonitis can be caused by overuse in any activity. Tendonitis can be in the ankles, wrists, and anywhere else tendons can be overused.

Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Often elbow pain and knee pain are diagnosed as tendonitis. Most doctors have little to no tendonitis pain relief to offer outside of medication. For those who wish to seek a more natural path to healing, a chiropractor can help. Both elbow pain and knee pain can be treated with chiropractic care.

Often, people with tendonitis do not let the affected area heal completely before they begin using the joint again. Under chiropractic care, you will receive guided advice on how to care for the affected area over the long term. This will help by preventing re-injury of the area.

What Can I Expect?

If you visit a chiropractor for tendonitis pain relief, you can expect to have an x-ray done of the area. This will help the chiropractor create a customized treatment plan for you. From there the doctor can create a series of treatment options which may include inflammation reduction techniques, electrical muscle stimulation as well as other therapies. Chiropractic care has proven effective in tendonitis pain relief.

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